Who is Wdomino?

I'm Wdomino, one of Hollands Dominobuilders. I make anything from domino in a special way. Like field ans walls, towers and 3D's, almost everything! All the stuuf i make can be sometimes watched live at Ustream like http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wdomino-live . I also make very good videoedits and logo's. If you need help, ask me!:)  I can make logo's, tips for domino or even wallplans for you!!!

In 2007 I was specially invited to build in DominoDay 2007 (I even got a VIP-ticket to watch LIVE the falldown of Domino Day 2007!!!  In 2009 I was invited to the Mr.Domino Championship but I didn't reach the finals (because we had to use mr.domino stones :S) And those stones are VERY lightweight!!! Since 2010 I joined several Dominogroups! 2010 DDT & TWT, 2011 CDT. Hopefully, when I got 18-20, I want to join DominoDay of course:P