W&D editions

W&D (Wdomino + DieckDomino)

Some facts about the famous meeting:


Q: When and how did W&D start? A: We just ofunded each other on Youtube for a few days, and spoke to each other the first time at the Mr.domino Championships (2009). 1 month later at christmas we made the first edition (W&D1).

Q: How do you invent most of the technics? A: We almost never copy any technic from antoher. Sometimes it happens we invented the same idea, but we invent them when W&D starts or through MSN with webcam-building :)

Q: How long will W&D go on? A: Not anymore, why? 2 reasons, DieckDomino isnt building much anymore and the 2nd reason is personal.


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W&B (Wdomino & Bas2511)

Our first meeting finally came in May 2012. W&B 1 was related with a Thme Euro 2012. And we have even planned to do more meetings!


And there it is! W&B 2 - Records with 30.000 dominoes! We have broken 4 official personal records, biggest field, highest tower, longest wall and the largest project.


See all W&B video's here:

Any Questions about or W&B? Just mail us! Wasilja_18@hotmail.com, bas_veenhoven@hotmail.com