My other hobby's...

My other hobby's:

- Darkorbit

- Highest Buildings

- Watching stars

- Movies This is a Spacegame (free and no downloads needed) online wiht players all around the world. You hve to shoot aliens and enemys to increase your statics and getting better:) I love it, although the game is getting worse after some years. Very much lagg, sometimes impossible to play with too many enemys and too many updates we cant afford. Even though, i still like it:) Especially the GalaxyGates. (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta) Too much to explain, go see for yourself this awesome game!!!

The highest Buildings...

You may have noticed i made often Towers or representing buildings in the world. I study Architecture and i get inspired by skyscrapers. Where do I get all the infromation? Well, is a special site for everything you need or want to know about your favorite city. Ive been in many skyscrapers like Sears Tower (442M), John Hancock (?), CN Tower (not on the top), Petronas Towers (452M) on the bridge, Burj Al Arab (only a special guide with some drinks to take snapshots:P), and even been to Burj Khalifa of 828 Meters!!! (Observation deck 489M).


I REALLY want to go once to New York, but I wait untill the Freedom Tower is build (541M). It really touches me that city although  i havent been there YET.....

Watching Stars... (Yes I have a telescope)

But not professional... I can see almost all planets or great star i want. (See photo's of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and all kind of stars). You really should know I don't do this oftenly because here in the Netherlands it's almost never a clear sky at night. (only in winters)

My Star Constellation is originally from birth Virgo (The Virgin) but I choosed my own Star Constellation which represents the name Wdomino............ Cassiopeia.... A magnificent Constellation formed in a "W" with many beautifull Galaxys and Double-Clusters which makes the Constellation very special to me. And it can be watched from here the whole year:)

Everyone has a own saying, slogan or symbol... Well, my symbol is the  because my name is Wasilja, I'm connected to Cassiopeia since i was a child, the "₩" represents 5 lines which indicates for me the 5 elements in this universe (Earth,Air,Water,Fire,Light). One day... a falling star wil make that 5th line in the W of Cassiopeia...

You excally now know why my YTacc is Wdomino.....:)

My favorite movies I watch:

- James Bond (before Daniel Craig with Pierce Brosnan), - Harry Potter (ALL 8 movies), - AVATAR{most amazing movie in my life!!}, - The Last Airbender, - Indiana Jones, - Pirats of the Carrabiën. TOP FAVORITE: 1. Transformers 2. The Matrix 3. Harry Potter


My usual genres are Action, Comidy, Exciting, Goose bumps (not scary), minding.


I love wtching all kind of movies because I like to get the thrill in my body when it gets exciting and nervous:) But sometimes its really too much like "Knowing" <Worst movie in the world>, or "The house of sand and fog". Like those movies are really REALLY BAD. But some Future movies which are nothing like our world can be sometimes interesting. Furthermore I watch mostly documentairy of the universe and our earth. All on National Geographic like Megastructures and Naked Sience.